Assessment and treatment services

Are you wanting to ensure your child has the best chance for success but perhaps you’re worried about one or more of the following with your child?

  • poor academic progress;
  • difficulty with attention;
  • feelings of sadness, anxiety,or fearfulness;
  • low motivation or poor self-esteem; or
  • specific queries about developmental or mental health problems

As a pediatric psychologist with more than twelve years experience, my core focus area is in psychological assessment services for children. I also provide therapy services and treatments for all the areas I do assessments in. I can work with your child, and your child’s school team for additional support. 

Here are some of the core assessments and treatment services I perform.

Autism spectrum disorder assessment

Autism Spectrum Disorder varies widely from person to person. So making a diagnosis can be difficult if your psychologist doesn’t have clinical experience in the area. As a pediatric clinician, I have significant expertise in the assessment and treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorders and Positive Behavioural Supports.

This assessment looks at the social, behavioural, cognitive, adaptive, and developmental features of your child to provide a diagnosis using evidence-based assessment practices. 

Psychoeducational assessment

Also known as a learning assessment, this assessment can provide insight into your child’s learning style. It’s a structured evaluation of your child’s intellectual, educational achievement, and adaptive functioning which can help us determine what support your child might need.


It looks at what psychological factors could be impacting your child’s ability to learn and is only performed by specialised psychologists, such as myself.

ADHD assessment

While it’s completely normal for young children to be active and on the go, sometimes it can be difficult to decipher the difference between energetic behaviour and ADHD. 


If attention problems are a primary concern for your child, but it has not impacted their academic skills, then an ADHD assessment may be suggested over a full psychoeducational assessment.

Early childhood assessment

When your child is still very young, around ages three to five, their brain is developing at a rapid pace. This can mean that concrete diagnoses can be a little trickier to obtain. 


But what we do know is that early intervention can have a considerable impact on your child’s future. An Early Childhood Assessment can assist in providing direction and next steps to support your child’s strengths and areas of need. 

Mental health assessment

If your child struggles to regulate their mood, worries more than you’d typically expect and appears to be stressed or anxious a mental health assessment may be worth considering. 


As someone experienced in school settings, I’m used to making children feel safe to be interviewed and assessed so a clear direction for treatment can be shared.

A complete approach to assessment and treatment


While it’s your child who is being assessed, assisting a child to succeed is a team effort, involving your family and often the child’s school.

I provide treatment services for all of the areas I do assessment in. 

For example, if your child’s challenge is presenting at school, then I am experienced in working with school teams  to provide the additional support your child needs. 

Additionally, if you require family support I utilize evidence based interventions, such as the Circle of Security, to help caregivers reflect upon your child’s attachment needs in order to promote secure attachment with your child.


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